Saturday, October 5, 2013

Good Luck Minis: 192 Pink Flamingos

Here is my most recent purchase, and it's not even metal! I recently downloaded the 2013 Safari catalogue. They're the guys that make those plastic animals you see in places like Michaels. I discovered that they have a range of "Good Luck Minis" which are little rubber charms.

Item #344822 is a bag of 192 pink plastic flamingos! The catalogue stated an approximate size for the Minis of 3/4" IIRC which I figured would be about right for 28mm scale. I mean if  you are doing a safari you need flamingos, right? And if you have flamingos you need lots - have you ever seen just one or two flamingos? It was taking a bit of a chance but I ordered them sight unseen. After a bit of a wait (3 months) they showed up and I think they are spot on. They are soft rubber and are 25mm tall. And there are a lot of them! :-)

They were a bit pricey @ about $70CDN IIRC but the price per unit is quite good considering.

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